The community has been established around the following themes:

  • Unified communications - voice+video+IM
  • Federated VoIP (both SIP and Jabber)
  • True peer-to-peer (de-centralised) VoIP (for example, SIP RELOAD)
  • Open source code
  • Open protocols, codecs and networking
  • Protecting the privacy and integrity of personal and business communication


  • Lumicall is the ultimate SIP dialer app for Android, with support for ENUM and ZRTP
  • ZRTP is an open source implementation of ZRTP in Java, suitable for J2SE, Android and Blackberry. It is used in Lumicall
  • is the open SIP and ENUM network, where users can register their existing phone number in the ENUM hierarchy - a completely open alternative to apps like Viber and WhatsApp


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