FeatureSipdroidLumicallCSIPSimpleAndroid native SIPJitsi
Overview Pure Java, based on MjSIP Pure Java, based on Sipdroid, significantly improved. Offers an instant registration facility and ENUM dialing to compete with the proprietary Viber softphone Java with JNI, based on PjSIP Unreleased, but based on the same pure-Java codebase as regular Jitsi
Codecs G.711U/A, GSM, SILK, speex G.711U/A, GSM, SILK, speex, G.729 G.711U/A; GSM, SILK, speex; g722; iSAC; G729; AMR (depending on device) and as extra plugin : OPUS; g726; g722.1; codec2
Video Yes Temporarily disabled In development
Monitoring No Embedded Ganglia agent No
ENUM dialing No Yes No
SIP over TLS No Yes Yes
SRTP encryption No Yes Yes
ZRTP encryption No Yes Yes
Number of SIP profiles 2 Unrestricted ?